Marianne Lindberg De Geer : I am Thinking About Myself, 2003
Born 1946, Stockholm. Works in Stockholm

While you are walking in the park you suddenly hear voices calling for"mamma". As you pay more attention to the voices you notice that they are from children and adults expressing different states of mind: fear, calm, anger. At first you think that someone is trying to find his/her mother. But, does the voice belong to a person that is lost trying to find his/her mother or is it the mother that is lost and the voice is trying to get her back? 

As we were contemplating these two sides of the sound installation we noticed the absence of Clemens so we decided to paraphrase the work in the park and started to call for him. In this case, as in the installation, we didn't get any answer, simply because he did not want to be found at that moment.

Audio and photo: Ximena Narea