The Mexterminator Projekt

El Shic-ano Apocalíptico
(As seen in Desperado, Break of Dawn4, Americanos and WWW Smackdown)

Code: Identity morphing microchip embedded in psyche
Features: performs up to 10 different identity variations (a featrue not included in the "Latino boom" Supernintendo Game). Includes among others: El Mad Mex, El S&M Zorro (understudy for Antonio Bandera), el Narco-Shaman, El Techno-greaser-bandit, Mister Mexico 2000, El Mariachi Transvetite, El Binational Boxer, El Activista Frustrado.
Programmed characteristics: theatricalized romaticism, cinematic nostalgia, primeval wisdom, unpredictable sociopathic behavior& ritualistic sex practices.
Products for sale: Action figures, t-shirts, Supernintendo games, identity morphing mask, jalapeño phallus, robotic bleeding heart, bottled "Latino Heat".
Catalogue available at
Prototype financed by Epcot and the smithsonian Institution

Cyber Vato
(Homo Chicanus Replicate # 209, as seen on MYV's "Real World" Compton episode and the evening news)

Habitat: The US inner cities
Alianses: Cholo, pinto, chuco, homie, "at risk" youth, information superhighway, bandit and Calvin Klein vato.
Features: Techno-savy, neo-nationalist, monolingual. drug addict, experiences permanent social resentment and self-involvement, knows L.A. street lingo and sophisticated computer program languages.
Programmed Characteristics: Upscale 21st century version of an "ethnic-looking Mexican", dresses in vato fashion by Gautier, escort for hire at Cinco de Mayo sorority parties.
Contact talent agency, Documented Latinos, Inc., for bookings.
Wanted by Los Angeles PoliceDepartment and Benneton photographers.
Considered endagered species

Genetic Illegal Alien
(Homo Extra-terrestris #227, as seen in The Mex-Files, Mars Attacks, and American History Mex)

Habitat: omnipresent
Fratures: trans-ethnic immigrant with unknown genetic code, three testicles, and an absence of palm lines; rare Mexican skinhead; exhibits an insatiable desire for martyrdom and bizarre interspecies sex practices.
Programmed characteristics: propensity for lying, and stealing, abducts rural housewives and livestock; practices ancient forms of Aztec medicine.
Wanted by the NSA, NASA and Steven Spielberg.

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