Performance en Buenos Aires

the belacqua projects (TBP) presents the action
"Four tango lessons"

Lugar: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
29 octubre 2003

(Foto: X. Narea)

the belacqua projects (TBP) presents the action

when the pressure gets to strong and tension raises, the system is breaking down a reaction is unavoidable. PHFMMP* is an offering. PHFMMP is an safety valve for the people involved in the project (and maybe also for you). PHFMMP is not art.

TBPs action in montevideo and buenos aires is a re-ACTION. as all the projects works it's deals with issues that concerns the basic questions of our present situation. the re-ACTIONs are a ritualized way of dealing with the situation – a way of screaming. TBP don't know what way to go but is always on your side.

* PHFMMP is a quote from Neil Gaiman's (1993) "Death – The Time of your Life", DC Comics 1997. p. 56.

Duration: 30-45 min