Performance en Montevideo
"Cuerpo y cuchillo"

Lugar: Escuela de Bellas Artes, Universidad de La República
Fecha: 26 octubre 2003

(Stills: Tamara Cubas)

Dance performance piece by butoh artist SU-EN.

This piece explores the areas of the inside and the outs
ide of the body, of movement, aesthetics and politics of the living body. The body is in one way a self cannibalistic organism, destroying life in order to survive. To take a bite of ones own flesh is to taste life.

SU-EN has been a dancer and performer since 1986 and is now an established choreographer with her base in the forest of Sweden. She has recieved her training with the legendary Yoko Ashikawa of the Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo group in Tokyo and also in traditional Japanese dance. She is the head of SU-EN Butoh Company and tours extensively in the world.

In the last years SU-EN has moved more towards performance and action related works. She is also working with film, doing big site.specific events incorporating trucks, lecturing and teaching Butoh.

Duration: 20 min