The system, with a graphic scheme on the floor, is based on measures of my own space/body.
¨Sistema 200¨, has not a unique concept, but a succession of investigation lines and search that comes together in time/space.
¨Sistema 200¨ its not intended to become an end, but to be a piece of a working process

*Born 1971 in Rafaela, Santa Fe (Argentina)
He has explored various languages of contemporary art including investigating the performance, the photography, video and drawing. His work is generated from the development of a own logic called “Estados Tólicos”.

He has participated in exhibitions and has taught workshops in biennials and festivals in Argentina, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Spain and China. He carried on curatorial projects as Nomasdecinco (Centro Cultural Chacao, Venezuela), Underground (INJU-Uruguay)

In 2009 he participated as a guest artist of international arts project under the topic Is there life after capitalism? organized by the Theatre and the Foundation VonKrhal Tallinn2011 European Capital of Culture Tallinn, Estonia. Participation in a creative process with artists from Estonia, Germany, Bangladesh and the U.S. being the representative for Latin America. The project also involved international renowned intellectuals like Noam Chomsky.

Recently completed filming his first feature film "Punto f", which is being edited to be presented during 2011.