Born in Peru. Moved to Sweden in 1985. Lives in Lund.

Already as a child she became fascinated by ceramics. In Peru there is an old and strong tradition to work with clay. In her work she is inspired by the older Mediterranean and South American cultures and by her own emotions and frames of mind.

Studied ceramics at Östra Grevie Folkhögskola for two years where she tried different technics, but found Raku as her thing. Raku is originally from Japan, where the pot first is burned in an electrical oven at 1000 degrees. The pot is then burned a second time in a special oven for Raku at the same temperature. The pot is then picked up and put in sawdust. The sawdust burns and the pot gets a deep black colour and exiting crackles on the glazing. Mostly she doesn´t use glazing on her sculptures and pots but whe use different colours that she mix by myself.