The right to live in peace





Israel's reaction to the Hamas attack of 7 October 2023, which resulted in the deaths of some 1200 Israelis, both civilian and military, and the abduction of more than 250 civilians, was the immediate invasion of the Gaza Strip. The invasion and constant bombardment has resulted in the destruction of this Palestinian territory and the displacement of its population in search of refuge. The number of Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks is close to 40 000, half of them children. The high number of innocent victims and the scale of the devastation of their territory (only 365 km2) has had a profound impact on the conscience of the international community. 

The invasion went hand in hand with the siege of Gaza, closure of border crossings and obstruction of the entry of humanitarian aid. The images coming from different media are shocking: villages and towns completely razed to the ground; women, children and elderly people dead, and now children dying from malnutrition and starvation. 

The voice of the international community,  is growing louder and louder, and calls for a ceasefire and respect for the lives of Palestinians in their own territory . We artists join this voice with our tool of work and expression: the image.

Artists are invited to submit an or more images that reflects their reaction to the events in Gaza.  The work can be a two dimensional image (max 30x30 cm/ 94 dpi, jpg) or a video.Please specify where you live and if you have a website. The material received will be published on this site.

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